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It is clearly obvious that neither fans nor audiences are watching movies just due to the fact that their preferred star promoted the movie. Audiences are just marching for motion pictures that got decent talk and recommendation of mouth. Uppena and Jathi Ratnalu are one such timeless examples.

Meanwhile, some fans of Allu Arjun and NTR too suggesting that their preferred stars ought to not have actually gone such overboard prior to a movies release no matter what is their association with the movies or individuals behind the films..

Two greatest stars Allu Arjun and NTR have gotten a major shock from Telugu audiences as two of the movies highly promoted and backed by these 2 stars have failed to produce magic at the Box Office. While Allu Arjun had vouched for Chavu Kaburu Challaga that was bankrolled by his good friend Bunny Vasu and provided by Geetha Arts, NTR has actually gone for it for Rajamouli & & Keeravanis household for Thellavarithe Guruvaram.

Chavu Kaburu Challaga has become a disaster and it turned out to be very first significant disaster for Geetha Arts in recent times and Thellavarithe Guruvaram has misfired miserably and stuck out as the bad movie produced by Vaarahi Chalana Chitram till date. Both CKC and TG have actually spoiled the respective production houses image and likewise the 2 big stars who attested them.

Both these stars have actually expressed terrific confidence in these respective movies and went overboard in terms of applauding these films pre-release. And the outcomes of these 2 movies have actually undoubtedly provided an extraordinary shock to Bunny and Tarak..