All Apex Legends Season 6 weapon TTKs revealed: body vs head – Dexerto

All Apex Legends Season 6 weapon TTKs revealed: body vs head – Dexerto

An Apex Legends fan has taken the time to interrupt down each single weapon’s time-to-kill (TTK) for Season 6, all the way in which from the lowly Mozambique to the lethal R-99.

For individuals who are nonetheless unsure which weapons to prioritize in Apex Legends’ sixth season, assistance is on the way in which. Whereas everybody’s consolation with recoil management and the sport’s attachment loot RNG makes gun choice solely subjective, it’s value figuring out how every gun performs at a base stage.

As such, a YouTuber by the title of ‘Davengeful’ has blessed King’s Canyon’s greatest with the nitty-gritty particulars of how every of the battle royale’s weapons performs in a standardized lab surroundings. 

Standing inside 10 meters of a purple coaching dummy (or, technically, ‘DUMMIE,’ which stands for Digital Utility Mock Man Clever Instance), Davengeful examined the entire recreation’s Season 6 assault rifles, mild machine weapons, submachine weapons, and shotguns. Standing additional away, additionally they examined the sniper rifles.

For these checks, Davengeful didn’t use any hop-up attachments and easily fired with good accuracy to realize a base stat. Which means there is no such thing as a Selectfire Prowler knowledge for use, simply the gun’s typical burst habits. Nonetheless, the common model of the SMG stays one of many strongest weapons within the recreation.

As no shock to gamers who’ve dropped right into a recreation of Apex Legends even as soon as, the Mozambique is a grotesque weapon. Whereas its headshot TTK is first rate (and quicker than among the recreation’s different weapons), its physique TTK is a whopping 4.504 seconds. 

For context, that’s barely longer than it might take so that you can down 4 enemies, hitting simply physique pictures, with the R-99.

r-99 apex legendsr-99 apex legends
Respawn Leisure

The R-99 merely continues to shred enemies in Season 6.

With TTK listed in seconds and no hop-ups included, right here’s how the Season 6 checklist of weapons stacks up. That is present as of October 16, 2020, so all knowledge is topic to alter with the discharge of latest patches.

Because it stands, the checklist proceeds downward from mild weapons, to heavy, to sniper, to vitality, to shotguns, and, lastly, the extremely touted R-99 Provide Drop present.

Apex Legends Season 6 Weapon TTKs

Gun Headshot TTK Physique TTK
RE-45 1.103 1.389
P2020 1.231 1.770
R-301 0.689 1.262
Alternator 1.040 1.517
G7 Scout 1.009 1.741
Wingman 1.009 1.834
Spitfire 0.785 1.453
Prowler 0.785 1.262
Hemlok 0.689 1.549
Flatline 0.817 1.231
Sentinel 2.053 3.581
Cost Rifle 2.242 3.517
Longbow 1.009 2.625
Triple Take 1.009 1.741
Volt 0.913 1.231
Devotion 1.103 1.581
Havoc 1.103 1.612
L-Star 0.722 1.326
Mozambique 1.198 4.504
EVA-8 1.262 1.741
Mastiff 1.198 1.262
Peacekeeper 1.294 1.549
R-99 0.850 1.103

As you’ll discover, the R-99 is solely deserving of its rarity as a result of it has the sport’s quickest physique TTK and one of many quickest headshot TTKs. Its longtime companion amongst revered mild weapons, the R-301, can also be devastating — with the quickest headshot TTK in the complete recreation.

Whereas the sniper rifles might really feel underpowered from this desk, it ought to be remembered that that is solely uncooked, base knowledge. Snipers are simpler to hit pictures with from vary, due to scopes and bullet velocity, so gamers shouldn’t be discouraged simply by the info discovered right here.

Nonetheless, they need to be discouraged from utilizing the Mozambique. The numbers aren’t mendacity with that one.

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